I am a born and raised Colorado girl. I have an addiction to anything with spice, tang, salt and crunch. I like bold flavors and bold spices. I would rather have potato chips for dessert than anything else. Sweet tooth?! Not this girl! Bland food?! Never!

I took a chance one day and decided I wanted to move to California and drink lots of wine. So I did just that…and was a wine sales rep in the Bay Area for 7 years. It was great fun, but you know what I finally realized? I didn’t want to sell wine, I just wanted to drink wine…and cook while I’m drinking it! I am one of those people who is planning their next meal before finishing what I’m eating at the moment. Each day I would drive around to my sales accounts wishing I was back at home cooking up a storm.

So I listened to my instincts, quit the wine job and started working at a cooking school. I was working harder & longer hours, making 1/2 the pay, but I’d never been happier. Since working at the cooking school, the other girls quickly dubbed me The Snack Master (I am great at putting together the snack spread), The Nut Whisperer (I can toast and season any nut to perfection!) and The Dressing Queen (whipping up an awesome salad dressing is definitely one of my strengths). I made friends for life, learned a ton and never dreaded going to work. I can easily say that the best decision I ever made was listening to my gut and making that job change.

After 7 years in California, I moved back to Colorado and have been inching toward my ultimate goal of making a career out of my home-cooking talents. All I want to do is cook with and for people. I have no professional training as a chef and never use exact measurements; I’m proud of my ability to “eye-ball” just about everything I make. In my spare time, I enjoy browsing food sites and trying new recipes (which also means tweaking those recipes to make them fit into my style of cooking: casual, home-style, well-seasoned and comforting).

Please visit The Back Burner page for information on my newly created business! 

One last thing about me…taking pictures of the food I make is an obsession. All of the pictures on my blog are taken by me (my phone has an amazing camera!) I hope you enjoy my recipes and pictures & I really hope to get you inspired…

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  1. Looks good, sounds good & I am sure tastes good! Do you grow anything yourself & are your taters from six feet under?

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