I have stated many times already…I am a crunch-aholic! Crunch, salt, tang and heat…those are my weaknesses (or strengths, depending on how you look at it!) If you know me, you know that I would rather have chips for dessert than anything sweet. It’s practically impossible for me to have a meal without a little bit of crunch to go along with it. I make these bread crackers that I now lovingly refer to as Crunchies. Like my bran muffins, our houCrunchiesse is never without a bag of Crunchies. They are perfect to dip in anything (bean dip, guacamole, hummus, salsa). Or throw some in a salad or put some cheese and salami on them for a snack. If you are feeling particularly rebellious, you can smear the Crunchie with some soft butter.

One of my favorite ways to eat a Crunchie is to spread plain ‘ol tomato paste on them. You know, the kind that comes in the can or squeeze tube. It is SO GOOD! The tomato paste obsession puzzles my boyfriend. The first time I did this, he stared at me like I was growing a second head! I must have looked so refined wolfing down Crunchie after Crunchie while dipping them straight into a can of tomato paste. I didn’t even take the time to spread the tomato paste on the Crunchie, I just used the Crunchie as a shoveling device. While I should try and eat more like a lady, I stand by this odd craving and I don’t care what anyone thinks!

Here is how you make the Crunchie…

  1. Pick a baguette. Any baguette. I like Semifreddi’s Seeded Sourdough baguette. I have also used the bigger, breadier baguettes (like in the picture below).
  2. Slice your baguette very thinly with a serrated knife. Shoot for ¼ inch thickness or less.
  3. Lay on a baking sheet and brush each piece with olive oil.
  4. Bake at 350 until lightly browned.

Enjoy the Crunchie however you like…I’d love to hear how other people eat their Crunchies! Nothing is off limits.

I promise never to judge when it comes to eating Crunchies!

 baked crunchies

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5 thoughts on “Crunchies

  1. I’m making crunchies right now – using white baguette – not as good as seeded sourdough – hope they turn out!!!

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