I grew up with chickens and it was my job to get the eggs every day.  Not my two older brothers job…MINE. It was no easy task.  Despite being told we purchased only hens, we ended up with roosters. THREE of them! Three eventually became two after the rooster testosterone kicked in and they killed the weakest link (glad I wasn’t getting the eggs when that went down!) I was pretty happy about having one less rooster to dodge; one less deranged fowl with a razor sharp beak and sinister orange eyes that would haunt my dreams. The remaining two roosters didn’t get along, but still formed sort of a “rooster gang” whenever I would enter the coop to fetch the eggs (which I never got around to doing until the sun went down). Fetching the eggs in the dark is not a good idea, I had no idea roosters could hide so well in the rafters!  I also had no idea their claws could cut through the first three layers of my clothing, and I would be left with an angry rooster adhered to my multi-layered-rooster-defense ensemble. I would shoot for about six layers of clothes and carry a broom just to get those damn eggs, but nothing helped. As luck would have it, a fox eventually picked off the rooster gang one by one and made my chicken chores much easier for the next few years. In retrospect, I am glad my father subjected me to this fear and forced me to do it no matter what excuse I had. It made me tough and it also made me want to cook chicken in a million different ways.

evil chicken

I’m not exactly sure how having chickens and bees (did I mention we also had bee hives and homemade honey all the time?) made me want to cook…but it did and I do. Let me introduce myself….I’m Katherine and I love to cook and I love to eat. Growing up in Colorado, I learned a lot from my mother about cooking and living in California the past few years, I learned a lot from my grandmother. After I graduated college, I moved to the Bay Area and was shocked at the vast array of ingredients and the availability of practically every ingredient you could dream of all year round. I was on my own and wanted the comforts of home cooking. So I experimented, succeeded immensely and failed epically. I am at a point now where I feel comfortable cooking almost anything and I’m always looking for new dishes to add to my repertoire.

I am obsessed with taking pictures of food!!! I post pictures on facebook and make all of my friends jealous. This has worked like a charm and I now have over 300 friends that are kicking themselves for never having picked up a spatula. The “likes” and comments on my pictures are great, but truly, I cook because I LOVE IT. It calms me down and makes me happy. I think I have a lot of silly stories and informative tips to share about my cooking evolution thus far, and I plan on sharing them along the way in this blog. Stick with me and maybe you’ll learn something too!

Until my next meal…..

Imagine digging through this to get to a chicken coop!
Imagine digging through this to get to a chicken coop!
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10 thoughts on “Growing up chicken

  1. I remember many days when blood (human) covered the eggs. That rooster was a nasty thing.

  2. I am sorry….. but I cannot stop laughing!
    Thank you Katherine for the stories and bringing a smile to the end of a long and hectic day.
    Let’s see what’s COOKING!!!

  3. Very impressive! I will be following this. The photography is beautiful.

  4. We too had chickens when I was a child. Loved them & would like to have some again. But I don’t wish to be tied down taking care of animals. Liked your story of the roosters & I too was intimidated by them. However, since this is a food blog, & after they did their thing with the hens (so we could have chicks) they made a tasty chicken dish. Yum!

  5. Katie, I remember your mom worrying that you kids were getting an early and violent
    ‘sex education’ lesson from that rooster on the poor chickens…..more blood!
    I make your Blueberry Bran Muffins at least once a month…..love your blog!

    1. Oh my! How hilarious! Those roosters were so MEAN! I’m so glad you found my blog and love it….that means a lot to me, thank you! Also very happy you make the blueberry bran muffins, they are my absolute favorite 🙂

  6. I used to use the trash can lid as a shield..it was awful, he’d still attack & jump in the air, very scary. Dad finally got so mad one night he put the dang thing in a gunny sack and drove up to Crown Hill Lake and released it next to the bike path. It was late summer. We’d hear the crazed cockadoodle doo sometimes when we rode our bikes around the lake, even in October!

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