Lime cubes are a Happy Hour MUST in my house! I came up with this idea after a friend gave me a huge bag of already-zested limes that needed to be used as soon as possible (I never turn down free limes, zest or no zest, ever!) After waking up the next morning and seeing a huge bowl of limes without their zest, I was stumped about how I was going to use them all. I like a margarita or two, but this was enough limes for a party of 20+ people. I spent the next 45 minutes squeezing the juice out of about 60 limes, I probably had close to 7 cups of lime juice! So I added a little bit of water, poured the juice into my ice cube trays and froze them. Now they can sit in the freezer and I can pull out a lime cube to use in drinks any time I want. I have also become a huge fan of adding a few cubes to a glass of water, it’s a serious shot of vitamin C and deliciously tangy! So if you have strange friends that hand off their post-zested limes to you or just have a ton of limes laying around, try this idea…

You will need:lime cubes2

  • Limes
  • Multiple ice cube trays
  • Time you don’t mind wasting on squeezing limes

– Squeeze your limes into a large measuring cup. Add a little water. For each cup of lime juice, I probably added 3 Tablespoons of water.

– Freeze for 4 hours minimum. They will turn out “slushy” no matter how long you freeze them. Adding more water might fix this, but I don’t mind a slightly slushy lime cube.

– Add to any drink you want. I like mine in a vodka soda, margaritas, Tom Collins or my Cucumber Collins (recipe here).


lime cubes frozen

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2 thoughts on “Lime Cubes

  1. I love the idea that it packs a punch of Vitamin C. That’s my green lime juicer. 🙂

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