I am obsessed with tart flavors. Dare me to peel a lemon and eat it raw? Done! And welcome to my every day life! My husband thinks I’m crazy, I just think I’m more tart-inclined than the average human. Limes are my tart fruit of choice and when we make cocktails at home, I really go for it with the lime juice…I’m talking a minimum of 3 limes per drink. Vodka, copious amounts of lime juice, club soda and a couple of lime cubes (because why not?!) is one of my staple drinks. wash

I’ll admit that I got a little bored with my lime vodka soda and I needed to seriously up my tartness game. I did some research on homemade limoncello and decided to try it. It was damn good! So bright & tart but also slightly sweet. I could mix it with club soda or champagne and it was perfection. Even sipping it over ice was delicious. There was only one problem, it was LEMON-cello, not LIME-cello. I badly missed my favorite lime flavor. So I made the exact same recipe but with limes instead of lemons and…..MIND BLOWN! I will always have limecello in my fridge along with the limoncello. I’m telling you, it’s a home bartenders best friend! Plus you will look like a downright stud for making your own handcrafted booze at home!

You will need:peel

  • 12 Limes or 12 Lemons depending on which version you want to make (or you can be like me and make BOTH!)
  • 1 750 ml bottle of Everclear (grab 2 bottles if you are making both). Yes, this is 190-proof grain alcohol, if this scares you, you can always substitute with your favorite vodka.
  • 3 cups sugar (double if you are making both)
  • 3 cups water (double if you are making both)
  • 1 or 2 huge mason jars

Start by washing your lemons and/or limes. Dry on a kitchen towel.

Peel the lemons and/or limes. Be sure to only get the peel and try to avoid the white part just under the peel. The white part is bitter and will make your homemade “cello” bitter which is no bueno.lemon lime

Put all of your lemon/lime peels into a big mason jar and pour over the 750 ml bottle of Everclear.

Let the lime peels and lemon peels infuse the alcohol for EXACTLY SEVEN DAYS. Just put it on your counter and watch the magic happen over the next week. I have let it sit for 9 days and I thought it started to get a little bitter. I have also tried 5 days and it needed more time. Trust me on this and go for 7 days.sugar

On day seven, make a simple syrup by boiling 3 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Again, if you are making both versions, make 2 batches of the simple syrup. Let the simple syrup cool completely and then add it to the peel/Everclear mixture.

Put this in the fridge for 1 more day. The next day, strain and remove all the peels. Pour your homemade beauty booze into a glass jar and store in the fridge.

Enjoy the limoncello & limecello over ice, mixed with vodka or champagne. A splash added to sparkling water or club soda is tasty. My husband makes a killer limoncello drink with fresh lemon juice, limoncello, Jameson Irish Whiskey & a splash of Lime La Croix.


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1 thought on “Limoncello & Limecello

  1. Oh my goodness!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m going to make some soon. With LIMES and that good Vodka! I also got some Fever Tree (?) Ginger Ale and Tonic or Club Soda. Betcha it turns into a favorite.

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