I love spicy food. Red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, African Bird Pepper (100,000 Scoville units=45 times hotter than a jalapeño)…just aren’t cutting it anymore! I need more heat! I needed a different KIND of heat. Heat with a little added flavor. So I chose the Habanero (70 times hotter than a jalapeño). After experimenting with this recipe, I’ll never look back. THIS WILL ALWAYS BE ON MY SPICE RACK! It’s called Shake…

  1. Buy 10-15 Habanero peppers (or 20 if you are like me, a shake-aholic).habaneros
  2. Pull off the stems. Or you can cut off the stems. Don’t touch your eyes & wash hands immediately afterwards!
  3. Put the Habaneros on a baking sheet and lightly coat in olive oil, salt, pepper and a little sprinkle of brown sugar. Make sure they are coated evenly. 
  4. Bake at 320° until the habaneros look like raisins, tossing and turning every 30 minutes or so.  The entire process will take 1½-2 hours.
  5. When the habaneros feel dried out and crackly, remove from oven and let cool completely.
  6. Grind them up and put in a jar.
  7. Sprinkle on EVERYTHING! 

Some of my favorite things to use Shake in include: Smashed Taters (recipe here), scrambled eggs, guacamole (and salsa that just isn’t quite hot enough!), rice, pastas, caramelized onions, in ground turkey, pork or beef, crock-pot beans and soups. Shake also adds a delightful kick to any otherwise boring vegetable. 


finished shake
Red pepper flakes vs. Shake

*Another little trick is to shake some in olive oil before you sauté anything, let it sit and warm with the oil and it will perfume the oil with a fantastic Shake flavor. It really is a taste unlike anything you can buy in a store! 

The process…


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  1. PS…and dont touch any body parts after handling these peppers. That should be self explanatory, but it does happen from time to time that an uncontrollable itch shows up right in the middle of this process. 😉

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